regarding my lack of posts: i've been working very very hard on getting my portfolio site up and running. but with trying to balance that on top of all the design work i've been doing, my new promotion at my day job, still putting in work with shooting photos and making zines, the new youthanized collection and culture abuse, it has sadly taken a back seat. i work on it as much as possible, but lately it's been a here and there when i have free time idea. my goal is to have it ready for the new year. most, if not all, of my photos and design work from 2013 will be spotlighted. i will be dropping new tees, as well as, a new accessories line when the new site launches. till then, stay high.


BOTYxALT "SILVER TONGUES CLUB" ISSUE #2 NOW AVAILABLE! this collaboration effort from blood of the young zine & a love token publishing representing the work from the artists involved in their catalog art show at over the eight in brooklyn last week! featuring doom crew lifers like john jr, juan gabe, dimitri karakostas, sonia d'argenzio, jamie forance the third & ricardo lozano. but also features new work from pretty puke, brad wescott, ryan florig, shawn whisenant, joey skilton and others! PLUS, that's my shit on the cover right there! purchase a copy over at the blood of the young secret interent black market!


as juan and i continue to get together the youthanized fall/winter collection, we decided to release one shirt early. the "SHOPLIFTERS UNITE" tee is a homage to the smiths. a rip of an original tee, paired with our new youthanized logo, printed navy blue on white 100% cotton shirts. hand printed in oakland, california, this shirt is limited to only 25 pieces.

with the purchase of the new shirt, you'll also receive a new photography zine by juan and i. 40 photos spread over 42 pages. printed and hand assembled in san francisco. don't miss out! the rest of the youthanized collection drops soon.


CULTURE ABUSE has just released our debut ep "THE DAY DREAMS OF NOTHING". available only in cassette form, the 6 song party soundtrack comes with the first culture abuse zine! 8.5" x 5.5", 28 pages, printed back and white, with original artwork and photography by the dudes in the band. the zine is basically free with the purchase of the cassette which is only $5 in the culture abuse store. you can also listen to the entire ep over at our bandcamp page. the cover for THE DAY DREAMS OF NOTHING was shot by me, in addition to the layout design. the cassette is a handmade gatefold cover, printed full color, folded and glued by us. additional photography inside the cassette by juan gabe. a very classic and original release that we're keeping limited to 50. check out some shots of the zine below!


i designed the cover of the bedroom bruises zine which features writing and photography from jesse feinman, jamie florance iii, brian kanagaki, austin durant, and robert perry. super awesome zine from the super awesome homies over at a love token publishing. pick one up in full color or black &white. stoked to be apart of this project!


tomorrow night CULTURE ABUSE & SNEEZE play our first show together! if you don't know derek & i used to be in a band called L'ANTIETAM together. he know plays guitar and sings in sneeze and i'm playing guitar with culture abuse. it's gonna be one reunion you won't wanna miss. north bay homies, show some love for touring bands and come out. i designed two shirts for sneeze for this tour and they got them with 'em. and they came out looking fucking sick! culture abuse also has some cassettes available of our ep "the day dreams of nothing" which will be released online friday the 13th. also, the poster above will be for sale as prints at the show! come grab one!

poster by juan gabe.


i designed the bandcamp layout for a new band called the videos from northern california. the videos consists of members of ceremony & gather, and these new songs are quite chill and i suggest you check em out. and then also come see the videos when they play with culture abuse on september 13th at submission art gallery in san francisco. 18th & mission! don't miss out fuckers!


i designed this poster for the sneeze tour starting september 6th! they're traveling across the united states in support of their new LP "i'm going to kill myself". i also designed two tshirts for them, which i'm super stoked on! as soon as i get my hands on the printed shirts i'll post some photos. if you love bands like yuck, weezer, nirvana or the breeders, then you need to check out sneeze on this tour! culture abuse is playing in santa rosa, california with them on september 11th, and i'll be making damn sure this is going to be a fun night!


just another friday with some instant film. chillin with juan gabe.


i have some photos for sale from the nighted life show over on the book & job gallery site! and so does the homie juan gabe. these are full color prints ranging from 11"x14" to 20"x30". check out the book & job shop here! my photos are # 11 & 51-54.



104 pages of dreary decadence. new photo work from 2012-2013. drugs / booze / recklessness / never ending nights / miserable mornings / pile of life / handmade in san francisco / pattern  manipulations / limited to 50 copies / comes with a poem, stickers & full color photo prints from the zine. all available for $15 over at the BADD HABITS SHOP!


yooo, i'm showing some new photography at the first ever nighted life photo show at the book job gallery in san francisco! this is going down next weekend and homies are coming out of the wood work to be there for the opening, so it's gonna be a really sick party! thanks so much to the king nick nighted for asking me to be apart of this! too stoked on the book, the show and the good vibes! see you on the 27th!


i designed this flyer for an upcoming show in boston. my good friends sneeze, raw blow and dream warrior are all playing, so it's bound to be a really rad show! raw blow is a new band playing their first show, but they're far from amateurs. you may know some of the dudes from bands like now denial, furnace, the critic, luau & bravo fucking bravo. this is gonna be a super rad show, and i'm bummed i won't be there.


CULTURE ABUSE has made our first shirts. if you came to our first show at bottom of the hill back in june, then you had the opportunity to grab one of the first runs of these. the logo was transferred to the various black shirts using bleach and a stencil. each shirt was different, and unique in it's own right. we've been working on more, and we may have some available to purchase soon. check out the shirts below, photos by david kelling


check out the CULTURE ABUSE site we have up. mostly just photos and upcoming show info. but it's worth it to take a look at what we do to warm up before we play shows. photo above by juan gabe.


comes with an assortment of stickers, prints, pins & posters. 80+ pages, photographs from the last year. pretty much the sequel to KILLING MYSELF FOR FUN. if you dug that, you'll love this!


i did the artwork for luau's cassette ep titled "overage & underwhelmed". they recorded these songs over a year ago and i've loved them just as much now, as i did when i first heard them. this week, they posted the entire cassette up on bandcamp. check it out if you dig poppy jams sorta like hot snakes or jimmy eat world.


i designed this flyer for the next CULTURE ABUSE show that's happening in september at submission in san francisco. it's our buddies from know secrets (members of static thought & punch) ep release show. we're also playing with the videos (members of ceremony & gather) & holy fever (members of suicide file & give up the ghost). it's gonna be a sweet party. and also, the first 30 people who pay to get into the show will receive a free silk screen poster for the show! so tight!


i've got a photo in this issue of F.U.C.K. I.T. #2 by the blood of the young crew. a really strong line up of homies and inspirations. these zine will definitely not dissapoint! if you're a fan of debauchery, nudity, skateboarding, graffiti, all that good shit, then show some support and pick up a copy. these dudes got rent to pay!


back in april, me and a few buddies began writing some songs together. those buddies being the almighty ian anderson (harsh vibes art, dead to me, strike anywhere), david kelling (all teeth fame) & pretty tony lasalle (strike to survive). since then, we've put together a handful of songs that we're super hyped on and recruited a bassist that can only go by the name of shambles. we're called CULTURE ABUSE and we're playing our first show this friday at bottom of the hill in san francisco, and we're playing alongside creative adult & the new trust. this show is also to celebrate the release of the new trust's new record "keep dreaming". i'm super stoked for everyone to hear us and we're gonna have a grip of handmade merch available. we're recording on saturday with our friend scott up in santa rosa. check out for any updates on culture abuse. and also check out the flyer i designed (below) for our first show this friday.


this is tonight. some great friends of mine are performing for the last time. these dudes kidnapped me from boston and moved me to california so we could be friends. i owe these dudes so much for helping me out through bad times and even more good times. i loved traveling with them when i got the chance and it was awesome to play shows with them on our first tours in 2005. it's gonna be fucking crazy. see you there. check out the comadre blog, they just posted some photos from their last practice that the homie kyle cam took.

flyer by juan gabe.


i've got some photos in the new issue of arthur bueno's blogzine titled "i can only remember everything in the dark." lots of really great artists involved in this zine, some of whom are homies and you should know and love by now. you can view the zine online for free over at issuu. it's a complete honor to be asked to show work in a zine run by arthur bueno, that dude is such a talented photographer, it's crazy to me that he likes my photos. you should check out some of arthur's photography work, cause dudes got skills.


i designed a shirt for my buddies in la dispute a little while ago, and they're now available in their online shop! the design contains lyrics from one of their songs called "a poem" from their last lp wildlife. so support these dudes cause they just finished writing a new lp coming out this fall/winter. it's gonna be a banger!


here's a new shirt i designed for the homies in dead to me. they had them made for their shows in montreal this past may and they have a few extras. i'm told they'll be available online soon. i'll keep you updated on when that happens.
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